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Our Services

 •  Scaling & Polishing

 •  Fillings (White, Silver)

 •  Children Dentistry

 •  Teeth Whitening

 •  Veneers

 •  Crowns & Bridges

 •  Root Canal Therapy

 •  Dental Implants

 •  Wisdom Teeth Removal

 •  Orthodontic Braces

 •  Invisalign

 •  Digital Radiology (X-Rays)

Radiographs are a diagnostic tool which dentists’ could never practice without. Digital radiography has revolutionized dentistry in enabling flexibility and precision that far exceeds film-based (analogue) radiography.Digital images are clear, precise and viewable instantly to help you make more informed decisions on your treatment needs.The high resolution of digital images cannot be matched by film.

Dramatically reduced radiation required to take a digital image and the ability to zoom into parts of the image makes digital dental X-ray even more friendly to the patient.


The elimination of use of film-chemicals is also more environmentally friendly. Seamless integration of the full-mouth images, images of the individual teeth and intra-oral pictures of your teeth enables quality care of your teeth in totality.



 •  Digital Intraoral Camera

Intraoral cameras are an excellent means of allowing the patient to view potential dental conditions in their own mouth. It is much easier to understand what is happening in your mouth if you can see the problem on a computer monitor. This digital image can be utilized to provide information to insurances and other doctors if necessary.




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