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Our Wellness Partners

GC tooth mousse is a topical crème applied on teeth that delivers Recaldent (Casein Phosphopeptide/Amorphous Calcium Phosphate) to create a tooth protection effect, thus preventing decay in patients of all ages.

The organic toothpaste by CURAPROX contains a high concentration of fluoride which helps to prevent dental cavities and helps against tooth sensitivity. Its organic nature also reduces any chance of possible irritation to the soft tissues in the oral cavity.

In line with the belief of providing the best for our patients, Smile Concept Dental Practice carries only the top brand amongst other toothbrushes/toothpastes in the market. CURAPROX products are readily available in our clinic reception for the convenience and accessibility of our patients. The colourful toothbrushes are designed with Curen, a type of incredibly fine and gentle filaments, instead of the usual nylon used in toothbrushes. Combined with the creative mixture of colours, CURAPROX makes toothbrushing an enjoyable affair, particularly for young children.